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Helen Doemland received a Bachelors degree in Visual Arts from Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY. She continued her studies at Buffalo State College where she received a Masters in Art Therapy. Helen lives and creates in Wilmington, NC where she works primarily as a sculptor of reclaimed river wood and coastal watercolorist. 

Helen is represented by Water + Color Gallery, GalleryCitrine and The Gallery at Grandover.

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"When I walk the shores of the Cape Fear River on the hunt for wood, I am inspired by the continual transformation of the beach landscape.  The brackish water has tremendous power to give and take away, to build up and tear down, to reveal new pieces and sometimes hide those I had stashed away for another time..."

At her home studio, Helen carefully removes wood layers, revealing the story that lies beneath.  Each hand-sculpted wood piece will continue to transform, telling its unique story to collectors across the United States.  The wood changes color; it may even crack or split.  This natural process is not unlike what we go through.

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"I love the way watercolors are always on the move, just as the ocean waves swirl and spin and splash!"

Helen's watercolor paintings reflect the beauty of the people and places she daily discovers in eastern North Carolina.  Surfers, shell collectors, fisherman, coastal restaurants, beaches and iconic cypress marshes all take turns on her easel.  Helen's paintings are displayed in homes across the US - each recalling a coastal moment in time.

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Helen's studio and adventure companion.

Mac's internal clock gets the artist/pup duo outside no matter the forecast, leading Helen along the coast of North Carolina in search of driftwood in-the-rough.  In her studio, Helen enjoys transforming their shared treasures into sculptures and utilitarian objects.

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